Ukrainians and Russians are exchanging blow for blow.  Kyiv strikes further and further

Authorities: Do not disturb the Russians

Andrei Yusov, a representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence, said: “This trend will probably lead the people of Moscow to the right conclusions – believe it or not Russian television and propaganda, continue to support the criminal regime or not.”

At the same time, the city authorities do not activate the anti-aircraft warning system and do not tell residents about all the approaching drones – not all of them appear to have been shot down. On Thursday evening, for example, near Odinto (southwest of the city) there was a mysterious and very large explosion. It is not known what exploded, but local residents said that they saw something similar from drones. It was similar in several other places on the outskirts of Moscow.

The system of anti-aircraft sirens and SMS notifications about air threats is silent, as if enchanted. The city government bought the right amount of sirens a few years before the war for the equivalent of about two million dollars. Now, for political reasons, they don’t want to launch it. Precisely because the population, as the representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence said, will not make “adequate conclusions.” It would be easy for them to do so, because since May 3, when a Ukrainian drone exploded over the Kremlin, the attacks have intensified.

Currently, the Ukrainians are trying to produce cheap drones with a range of up to 1,000 km. In this way, they want to create a counterbalance to the Iranian Shahd planes that the Russians are using – cheap, long-range and effective. Judging by the geography of recent Ukrainian offensives (including Moscow, Kursk, and Krasnodar Krai), it may have succeeded.

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