Close the border with Russia.  The reason is not war - o2

Because of the war in Ukraine, many countries decided to secede almost completely from the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin’s army has been attacking its independence-defending neighbors for more than four months. Although Georgia did not close the border with Russia after the outbreak of the war, the weather has now frustrated the plans of many travelers and suppliers.

Georgia closes its border with Russia. The reason for the collapse of the weather

On the road from the capital of Georgia to Vladikavkaz in Russia, the danger of serious accidents is slipping stone cliffs. The winding roads were partially flooded. Heavy rains made the area very dangerous. Therefore, entry to Russia from the territory of Georgia is possible only through border crossings located in areas controlled by the authorities of the unrecognized republics: South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Turkey floods. The situation is terrible

At the same time, the weather also affects the Black Sea coast in northern Turkey. Thousands of residents were forced to flee the floods. Water flooded homes and streets. Landslides destroyed many roads in the area. The element also caused bridges to collapse. Here is one of Turkey’s most shocking flood records.

Turkish provinces are the most threatened by floods Duzce, Zonguldak, Barten, Karabuk, Kastamonu and Sinop. Unfortunately, the prognosis does not indicate a rapid improvement in corona. The weather might get worse. Turkish services issued the highest level of weather warnings for the north of the country.

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