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Ukrainian Soldier: Wagnerians fight like zombie movies. You will remain over the dead bodies of your friends News from the world


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American television CNN I spoke with Andrey, one of the soldiers who lives in a dugout in the Bakhmut region. The man had been fighting off attacks by mercenaries from the Wagner Group for several weeks.

– We fought for 10 hours in a row. And these were not just waves, they were not interrupted. It is as if they do not cease to appear (…). There were about 20 soldiers on our side. Let’s say there are 200 of them – he reported a case like that. In the end, at the end of the day, the Wagner Group pulled out.

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CNN explains that the Wagner Group uses untrained and poorly equipped ex-prisoners as their first strike. Only later were more experienced fighters sent.

“A group of, for example, 10 soldiers, will reach 30 meters and then start digging to occupy this position,” Andrey said.

Former Leader of the Wagner Group in Prigozhin: He’s the Devil

A Ukrainian soldier compared battles with the Wagner Group to scenes from a zombie movie. – They walk over the dead bodies of their friends and step on them. It was very, very likely that they were given some medicine before the attack, Andre said.

Most of my people are volunteers. He added that they had thriving businesses, good jobs, and good wages, but they had come to fight for their country.

The Wagner Group is a private military company founded in 2014 with ties to Russian military intelligence. Its founder is a former intelligence officer Dmitry Valerievich Utkin. Wagner.

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American tanks in Ukraine. Reiter: Schulz has had his own success

The war in Ukraine. A major Russian offensive is possible

business analyst Belarus And the security policy of the Russian Federation, Anna Maria Diner, estimates that the Russians may be preparing another major attack on Ukrainian soil. An attack could happen in many places on the front, but a second attack on Kyiv is unlikely at this point.

Anna Maria Diner Z polishing The head of the Institute of International Affairs confirmed in an interview with the Broadcasting Information Agency that the aim of the Russian attack is to seize the initiative in the front and calm the mood in Russian society.

The car in which the officers of the Russian Guardia were located explodedCrimea: partisans blew up a car with Rosgvardiya officers

– It seems that Russia probably fountain You’ll want to launch a major attack. It is also important from a political point of view, the expert said, that voices are being raised more and more that none of the goals have been achieved so far.

The PISM analyst pointed out that the attack may occur in several places at the same time, but only one attack will be decisive. At this point, an offensive against Kyiv from Belarusian territory is unlikely. – At the moment, we do not notice the formation of any significant Russian grouping on the territory of Belarus. Without it, she said, it is difficult to imagine any attack.

Brothers Victor and Kostyantin Kravchenko volunteered for military service together and died together.Brother 1 and 2 were called. “My mom found out about their deaths on their birthday.”

The Ukrainian authorities are also talking about the expected Russian attack. It may happen in the coming weeks. It is likely that the Russians will strike in the Donbass. According to Ukrainian experts, the Russians may intensify their attacks in the Zaporizhia region to cover the main blow.


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