Helena Englert for the first time in such daring scenes.  Sadowska Comments

  • Helena Englert is not a beginner, and she has many film roles behind her, but in “Pokus” we will see her in exceptionally expressive and inconspicuous creativity.
  • Already into acting, the actress made quite an impression on the director and executive producer, as well as the author of the book on which the film was based
  • Maria Sadowska and Piotr Stramovski, who worked on the set with the 22-year-old, do not hide their admiration and are impressed by her professionalism and maturity.
  • “I think this character is inherently complicated for me because I would like to believe he’s far from me.” Helena Englert tells Blegada about her heroine
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Already in acting, Helena Englert charmed director Maria Sadowska, as well as the author of the book on which the production is based, Edita Wolvarska. The actress first appeared in front of the camera a long time ago, because she was only two years old. At that time, she appeared in the movie “Superproduction” by Julius Macholsky. She then appeared in Ryszard Bugajski’s The Closed System. She also played in the series “Colors of Happiness” and “Diagnoza”. He also has episodic roles in the series “In the Rhythm of the Heart”, “Better Half”, “War Girls”, “Don’t Worry About Me” or “Zanaki”.

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Helena Englert as Brave in “Temptation”

Recently, the young actress had the opportunity to star in another role. In Temptation, an adaptation of Edyta Folwarska’s book, you play Inez, who moves to a big city because she wants to work in the journalism industry. One of the first tasks she has to establish herself as a journalist is to prepare an article on Maks (Peter Stramowskifamous soccer player. The information she discovers later will change her view of the world of show business.

Photo: Agata Utlińska/press materials

Helena Englert and Piotr Gowaki in the “Bocosa” collection

Maria Sadowska, Edita Wolowarska, and Executive Producer Polina Novak make no secret that their ideas and genres were on their minds when they went to the casting to select the actors and actresses. when they saw him work Helen EnglertAlmost immediately they all decided that she was the perfect candidate for the main role.

Maria Sadowska told Pleiades.

“As soon as I saw Helena, after the first two sentences I knew it was her. Marcia and I looked at each other We thought yeah, this is our Inez. Immediately without a doubt Added Edita Volwarska.

“We were looking for an attractive personality. Helena will be a kind of symbol of modernity. And fans of all ages can find an icon in it. She is a beautiful girl, very feminine, and this hairstyle, which is not obvious, gives her 100% attractiveness, femininity and sensuality. Producer Paulina Nowak sums it up.

The director, book author and executive producer confirmed that when choosing Helena Englert, they paid attention to her hairstyle. According to the script, she was supposed to be a long-haired actress. However, when Helena presented her acting skills to the cast, they decided that her picture was a hit.

“Helena has short hair, and the main character has long blonde hair throughout the book. Here we made the compromise that Helena has long blonde hair at the beginning of the movie, then she cuts it short and the rest of the movie is short.” Said the author of the book sedition.

Helena turns out to be the most charismatic and talented actress, whose acting style also translates into creating this character. A very important aspect is the heroine with short hair. Inez has long hair when she still lives in a small town, but when she moves to a big city, she undergoes a transformation. I’m happy with this picture because it’s a bit like Twiggy’s style.” added the executive producer.

Helena Englert on the set of the movie "seduction"

Photo: Agata Utlińska/press materials

Helena Englert on the set of “The Temptation”

In the film, which the creators see will be part of the current social revolution, there will be scenes of true love, lust, but also those that reveal the secrets of the celebrity world. Exploitation and bullying. It is said that such daring scenes had never been seen before in a Polish production. Helena Englert did a great job shooting these shots.

said Pyotr Stramowski.

Maria Sadowska She does not hide that she is very pleased with the collaboration with Englert. He admires her professionalism and maturity. She also hopes that the 22-year-old’s career will gain momentum and that the actress will become famous not only in Poland.

“Helenka is absolutely fantastic, I’m happy for her. I expect her to have a great career. I hope she makes a world class career, because it’s not just about the quality of her play, it’s about the fact that she’s a very exciting person. She is 20 years younger than me, and I absolutely do not feel the age difference between us. She is very mature for her age and you can feel that in her playing. She carries the film on her shoulders and is great in the very challenging psychological and emotional scenes, as well as in the sexy scenes that I would imagine would be very difficult for such a young girl.” Sadowska added.

Helena Englert on the set of the movie "seduction"

Photo: Agata Utlińska/press materials

Helena Englert on the set of “The Temptation”

The lead actress herself, when she spoke to us on the last day of filming, didn’t yet know what was the hardest thing about playing Inez.

“I don’t know yet because we just finished filming and I think I’ll have to think about it. I think this character is inherently complicated for me because I’d like to believe he’s far from me. Also I just had to reach for some means less familiar to me and less convenient for me. (…) I hope it will be so ” Helena Englert told us.

The “Pokusy” team also includes, among others, Andrea Peretti, Joanna LisowskaAnd the Peter Glowacki Or Ewa Ewa. The premiere of a film adaptation of Edyta Folwarska’s book is scheduled for early 2023. Producer is Daniel Markowicz, Lightcraft. distributor Monolith movies.

Helena Englert on the set of the movie "seduction"

Photo: Agata Utlińska/press materials

Helena Englert on the set of “The Temptation”

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