June 3, 2023


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“This is love”. Hugh Grant did not want to play a single scene. He ran away for a long time

  • The movie “Love Actually” premiered in November 2003. The picture was immediately appreciated by viewers.
  • The director of the film had earlier created the movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.
  • A slew of British actors have appeared in Love Actually
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For many viewers,This is love“A must-have item for every birthday. Worth beating”Kevin is home aloneHowever, it is treated as a family entertainment, while the 2003 film, in which a group of British stars played, is a more “adult” Christmas movie. Hugh GrantAnd the Keira KnightleyAnd the Emma ThompsonAnd the Liam NeesonAnd the Colin FirthAnd the Rowan Atkinson The cast list of the cast is really impressive, though it wasn’t certain until the end whether the movie would be a hit..

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Admittedly, behind her was the director who had previously delivered the picture to the world Four weddings and a funeralHowever, not everyone was immediately excited to play in the production. Fortunately for viewers, not only did the movie come to fruition, it became a Christmas “must-have” in many homes around the world.. It has been watched many times, but even seasoned viewers may not know the details that accompanied the creation of this production.

“This is love”. What you didn’t know about this movie

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