Berlin cannot separate from Beijing.  The United States warns, and Schulz does not listen.  It has one goal

65-year-old German Chancellor Olaf Scholz made his debut on TikTok.

Schulz's unexpected appearance Controversial application It's not a coincidence. The Chancellor's message a few days before his visit to China (where TikTok originated) was clear: the friend is coming. finally The advisor needs Beijing.

The next elections in Germany will be held in just over a year. The head of government of the former European economic powerhouse is running out of time. He must perform a miracle and improve the terrible reputation he has in German society. Schultz's three-day visit to the Middle KingdomHis foreign trip, which begins on Saturday, will be his longest and most important foreign trip since he took office in late 2021.

For the chancellor, who is struggling with record low support ratings and infighting within the coalition, the visit is more than just an opportunity to assert his position in global politics. Most importantly, Olaf Scholz will want to show voters that he will do everything in his power to make Germany stronger.

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