Blizzard's shooter has been clamoring for this change since launch.  Access to new characters in Overwatch 2 will be unrestricted
19 Mar 2024, 20:20

The upcoming season of Overwatch 2 will bring big changes. Blizzard will unlock all heroes of the hit shooter.

Image source: Blizzard Entertainment


Since its release, Overwatch 2 has received very average reviews from players. Fresh Announced news However, they can, at least to some extent, encourage a disillusioned community to look at Blizzard's shooter with a slightly more positive eye.

Let's start with the most important thing – Starting from Season 10, new heroes (including Adventure) will be automatically unlocked. what is important, Characters from previous seasons will also become available (Even if we don't open it). So, you won't have to fight for them as part of the Battle Pass.

However, new players must still complete the introduction. If they unlock heroes from the first Overwatch, the heroes of the second Overwatch will also be at their disposal.

In addition, the creators have announced many other new features that may interest you. You'll find some of them below, and learn about the rest below film Posted by the developers (below).

  1. The game will contain a so-called legendary store, which will include current and previously available “Legendary” skins. These will become available as you progress through the Premium Battle Pass. Seasonal skins will be available for two seasons.
  2. Coins can be earned by progressing through the free and paid tracks (using the Premium Battle Pass). Starting next season, players will also have the opportunity to obtain 600 coinsInstead of 540 as is the case now.
  3. Season 10 will also allow you to try out the announced Clash mode. It will be available in a “limited” trial version with two maps.

Overwatch 2 Season 10 game detailsSurveillance/X

Let's add that last Season 10 should start next month. However, Blizzard has yet to announce a specific release date.

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  2. Overwatch 2 – the game's official website

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