The Wall Street Journal: "Three weeks before invading Ukraine, Putin summoned Kadyrov to Moscow."  Assign him a specific task |  world News

President Republic Ramzan Kadyrov is one of the president’s greatest allies Russia Vladimir Putin at the war in Ukraine.

According to The Wall Street Journal, citing Ukrainian findings, Ramzan Kadyrov’s men are “disciplining depressed Russian soldiers at the front and rooting out alleged spies in occupied Ukrainian territory”.

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According to Ukrainian intelligence officials, three weeks before the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 put it in He summoned him to Moscow to determine the strategy. They claim that he demanded that a Chechen take over Kyiv and kill the Ukrainian president.

“He was on a pilgrimage in tracksuits to the Kremlin.” The path and work of Ramzan Kadyrov

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the statement “absolutely absurd, baseless and false”. Kadyrov did not respond to the Wall Street Journal’s request for comment.

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Expert: There is no gas anywhere in the world. Prices will be high for years

The war in Ukraine. Another package of penalties. Touching Kadyrov’s daughters

Meanwhile, the ninth package of EU sanctions against Russia took effect on Friday.

It introduced, among other things, restrictions on the export of drones, drone engines, chemicals, information technology equipment, night vision, radio navigation, and electronics. There is also a ban on investment in the Russian mining sector, with the exception of some important raw materials. In addition, the broadcasting licenses of four other Russian media outlets that spread Kremlin propaganda have been suspended Advertising And wrong information. These are NTV Mir, Rossiya-1, REN-TV and First Channel.

New Russian recruits, December 2, 2022.The ninth package of sanctions hits, among other things, the export of drones and electronics

The European Union also strikes the banking sector again. The Russian Regional Development Bank was placed under a total ban on transactions, and the assets of three Russian banks were frozen. 141 people and 49 companies and institutions have been entered into the EU blacklist with a ban on entry to the EU and a ban on assets in Europe.

The sanctions include, among other things, those responsible for the abduction of Ukrainian children from the occupied territories and their transfer deep into Russia, where they will be granted citizenship and the adoption procedure will be accelerated. And there are those who stole Ukrainian grain.

Russian President Vladimir PutinPutin will visit Belarus. Planned negotiations.

There is also the first woman in space – Valentina Tereshkova, or the famous Russian Oscar-winning director Nikita Mikhalkov. In the choir of Kremlin propagandists there are many people from culture and the media, for example, the well-known presenter Boris Korchevnikov. The blacklist also includes military personnel, judges, including the President of the Constitutional Court, 5 political parties, State Duma deputies and 12 members of the Russian Federation. governmentIncluding deputy prime ministers, ministers of justice, labor, civil defense, and others.

Seven members of Russia’s elite family have also been blacklisted, including the daughters of Ramzan Kadyrov. In total, the blacklist created since the annexation of Crimea in 2014 includes more than 1,500 names. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin entered it.


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