The US Supreme Court has overturned the federal right to abortion

The first unofficial information on this issue appeared in early May. Politico found out about the Supreme Court’s vote to reverse the federal abortion right. Consider this leak surprising because MV leaks are extremely rare in the United States.

According to Reuters, after nearly two months there is confirmation – The Supreme Court has overturned a federal law allowing abortion. A conservative majority voted for the amendment by six votes to three.

US Supreme Court I saved this The US Constitution does not guarantee the right to abortionThe regulation of abortion is the responsibility of the state. In the Supreme Court’s opinion, it clearly states that “the Constitution does not confer the right to abortion,” and rulings in previous cases of Roe v. Wade and Casey v. Planned Parenthood were overturned. These provisions established the constitutional right to abortions performed in the early stages of pregnancy.

“The power to regulate abortion resides with the nation and its elected representatives,” the ruling said.

Two months ago, Politico indicated that the vote had taken place much earlier, but official confirmation is still awaited. Reversing federal law would end the nearly 50-year guarantee of the right to abortion in the United States, while allowing each state to decide whether to restrict or prohibit abortion entirely.

The leak of information about the planned ruling caused protests to the Supreme Court.


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