Ukraine wants to solve the grain crisis.  “One country against”

“Ukraine presented this mechanism as part of the plan to resolve the grain crisis supported by the European Commission. Four countries have studied the Ukrainian plan, provided their constructive comments and proposals and are ready for talks. And Only one country opposes. “Unfortunately, we do not have any logical or economic explanation,” Ukraine’s Prime Minister said via Telegram messenger.

Grain crisis. Ukraine presents its plan

Smihal did not specify which country he was referring to.

He added that Ukraine is preparing appropriate documents regarding export verification with Romania and Bulgaria.

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On September 16, the regulation of an indefinite ban on the import of Ukrainian agricultural products into Poland entered into force, and Kiev filed a complaint with the Security Council. WTO (WTO).

Poland believes that Ukraine has not fulfilled the declarations it submitted to the European Commission regarding grain exports. On September 15, Ukraine pledged to introduce effective mechanisms to limit the flow of grain and introduce legal regulations to solve the problem, but according to Poland it has done neither.

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