“Ending the killing in Ukraine.”  What did Donald Trump and David Cameron talk about?

The conversation with Trump was the first program of David Cameron's visit to the United States. The former British Prime Minister, who has headed the British Foreign Office in Rishi Sunak's government since November 2023, then planned to meet with US Secretary of Staff Antony Blinken and persuade members of Congress to support the aid bill for Ukraine.

Donald Trump hosted his guest for dinner at his residence in Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Representatives of Trump's staff informed the course of the meeting in a statement. According to this source, the two politicians discussed “the need for NATO countries to fulfill their obligations with regard to defense spending.”

Donald Trump spoke with David Cameron

The topic of the Trump-Cameron conversation was also, as we read in the text, the upcoming elections in the United States and Great Britain, political issues related to Brexit and “ending the killing in Ukraine.” She stated that the two politicians discussed “a number of topics of interest to both countries.”

In the past, Donald Trump has repeatedly criticized many of NATO's 32 member states for spending less than 2%. Defense GDP. Some European politicians have expressed concerns about the future of the alliance if Trump defeats incumbent President Joe Biden in the US presidential elections in November and returns to the White House.

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