Ukraine.  Vasyl Maluk, head of the State Security Department: We are dismantling the network of agents that Russia built 30 years ago

We are dismantling the proxy networks Russia has set up in Ukraine 30 years ago, said Vasyl Maluk, head of the Security Service of Ukraine, in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine on Friday. As stated, “Russia wanted many clients” in Ukraine.

– (Vladimir) Putin is a KGB officer who has been reconstructing agent work in Ukraine for decades. (…) However, in reality, the network of agents of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) did not work as expected (in Russia), Vasil Malluk said, adding that “Russia wants many agents” in Ukraine.

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Malloch gave a number of 300 people he called “traitors”. He admitted that there are nine of them in the Ukrainian security service alone, and 102 in the armed forces. – Unfortunately, there were also traitors in various authorities: we discovered “moles” in the Cabinet Secretariat, in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, among current and former law enforcement officers and representatives of the defense forces, – said the head of the SBU. He emphasized that the CIA not only “exposes individual traitors,” but also “destroys the networks of agents that Russia has been preparing for 30 years.”

SBU officers at work. Illustrative image

Detention in Crimea and “agents in masks”

He called the arrest of the former head of the Crimean General Intelligence Unit, Ole Kulinić, now accused of high treason, an “unprecedented and long-term secret operation”. Malloch admitted that Kulinić “was giving the enemy a lot of information” about the SBU and about Ukraine in general.

Gen. Malloch, who took over as head of the SBU earlier this year, also spoke of “FSB agents in casques,” referring to interned clergy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church under the Moscow Patriarchate. As he said, seven court rulings have so far been issued against clerics who “sided with the enemy.” Criminal cases were filed against 61 clerics.

The head of the SBU stated that “the enemy highly values ​​\u200b\u200bhis agents in the tulips”, because one of them was replaced by as many as 28 Ukrainian soldiers.

Vasil Malloch

The life path of the head of the SBU

Malluk comes from the Zhytomyr region. Since 2001 he has served in the state security agencies. He graduated from the National Academy of SBU – a university that educates Ukrainian intelligence personnel. Majored in jurisprudence.

In 2020, Maluk started working at the Central Directorate of the Public Security Service as Deputy Head of the Anti-Corruption and Organized Crime Department. In 2022, he will become Head of this department and Senior Vice President of the Business Administration Unit.

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