Tuesday is the 650th day of the Russian war against Ukraine. The fate of US military aid to Ukraine is at stake. However, Kiev is not remaining idle. As Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister General Ivan Horyluk said on Monday, work is underway on a new version of the Neptune missile. Recall that the anti-ship version of the Neptune sent to the bottom the pride of the Russian Black Sea Fleet – the missile cruiser “Moscow”. Unconfirmed information indicates that the so-called new Long Neptune missile is intended to be a missile that can hit targets on Earth. Will the range of the new missile allow it to reach distant targets in Russia? Not known yet. Follow live coverage of Wirtualna Polska.

The most important information

He lives

Destruction of a Russian combat vehicle by Ukrainian forces.

Explosions were reported to have been heard in the city of Kerch, in the Crimean peninsula temporarily occupied by Russia.

Destruction of a Russian armored vehicle with the help of a Ukrainian drone.

Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, Vitaly Bort, went on short business trips abroad, but stayed there for a month. Since the beginning of the Russia-initiated war, he has spent 207 days abroad, the Ukrainian Project Planner reported to Radio Svoboda on Monday.

Indeed, in November 2023, the previous record was broken in terms of the number of properties purchased in a year in Georgia by Russian citizens; According to official data, new arrivals from this country bought 5,780 apartments and 1,872 plots of land, the Ukrinska Pravda website reported on Monday, based on data from the Georgian Ministry of Justice.

“There is no doubt that the winter and analysis of our capabilities and the enemy’s resources require tactical adjustments. At the front and in the cities, we are already switching to different tactics of warfare – active defense in some areas, and continued offensive. Mykhailo Podolak, advisor to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, wrote on the X website. Electronic (formerly: Twitter).

The HVG portal reported that after the aggression against Ukraine, the Russians established 133 companies in Hungary. Although some of them were forcibly closed for not meeting operating conditions, some could be used as a cover to facilitate the movement of Russian intelligence agents.

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is visiting Berlin on Monday, does not want to give Russian President Vladimir Putin a security guarantee during next year’s G20 summit to be held in Rio de Janeiro.

Lula explained during the German-Brazilian government consultations in Berlin that the question of whether Putin will be arrested in Brazil on the basis of an arrest warrant issued by the International Criminal Court on charges of committing war crimes in Ukraine is not within the president’s jurisdiction.

“Will he be arrested if he arrives? Maybe yes, maybe no. The judicial system will decide,” Lula said.

Congress faces a simple, inescapable choice: either continue to support Ukraine’s struggle for freedom or let Putin win, Jake Sullivan, the US president’s national security adviser, said on Monday. He added that there is no alternative plan to provide military aid to Ukraine without action by Congress.

The Russians attacked the Kharkov region with martyrs. The head of the regional administration, Oleg Senegubov, said: “There are strikes on civilian infrastructure. Several fires have broken out, and there are no casualties at the moment. Emergency services are working.”

The Russian army in the Zaporizhzhya region of southern Ukraine continued the offensive along almost the entire front line, Serhiy Leshchenko, deputy of the local regional council, said on Monday.

– The enemy attacked almost the entire front line. According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there are approximately 12 attack attempts on Robotyne per day. Leshchenko told the Espresso TV channel that the soldiers’ words show that the attack is practically one attack that continues throughout.

As he emphasized, aviation is used every day on the front in the Zaporizhzhya region. He pointed out that although Russian forces almost did not use aircraft on Monday, a large-scale attack had recently occurred on one of the towns in the region.

He confirmed that the enemy has become very active in the Zaporizhia region.

The Ukrainian army announced on Monday that it had carried out a successful attack on enemy fuel depots in the city of Lugansk, eastern Ukraine, which is occupied by Russian forces.

“Yesterday, December 3, 2023, the Defense Forces carried out an effective fire attack on oil and lubricant storage facilities located within temporarily occupied Luhansk,” the Ukrainian Armed Forces wrote in the StratCom Telegram.

The Neptune anti-ship missile has a range of about 300 kilometers, and its warhead weighs 150 kilograms. According to Ukrainian experts, this missile can reach a range of about 400 kilometers on the ground without any major problems. This means that it can attack targets located in Russia.

At the moment, it is not known what the modification range is, the so-called Long Neptune. The Deputy Minister did not reveal this information.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister, General Ivan Horyluk, announced on Monday that work is underway on a new version of the Neptune missile. Recall that the anti-ship version of the Neptune sent to the bottom the pride of the Russian Black Sea Fleet – the missile cruiser “Moscow”.

Welcome to the next installment of our coverage of war-related events in Ukraine. You can catch up on what happened previously here.

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