USA: Henry Hit New York.  Flooded roads and canceled flights [GALERIA]

Henry weakened on Sunday afternoon when he moved indoors. When he reached the southwestern part of Rhode Island, he was accompanied by heavy rain and winds of about 65 km / h. A hurricane turns into a tropical storm when the wind speed drops below 120.7 km per hour.

“Local authorities urged people to leave beach towns as storm surge continues to threaten eastern Long Island and southern New England. (…) On Sunday, 140,000 utility customers were left without power in the New Jersey, Maine area, although some were restore it.” The New York Times reported.

Henry is expected to weaken further Sunday evening local time, according to the National Hurricane Center’s forecast. However, heavy rain and strong winds may continue for some time.

As the “New York Times” reported, on Saturday, even before Henry’s arrival, a record amount of rain fell in New York’s Central Park (since these statistics were made – editor) – 11.5 centimeters per square meter in one hour. Rail transportation in Long Island and southern New England has been paralyzed. The concert in Central Park, which had been announced for months, stopped with great pomp.

Hundreds of flights were canceled at New York City airports on Sunday. The states of New York and New Jersey flooded the roads.

“Newark firefighters and police have rescued 86 people, including 16 children, after several vehicles were submerged by the floods,” the New York Daily wrote, citing the Newark Department of Public Safety.

On Sunday afternoon, President Joe Biden said he agreed to declare states of emergency in Rhode Island, Connecticut and New York.

“We are doing everything we can to help these states,” the president emphasized, adding that FEMA was already in the area and ready to help clean up the damage.


TV crew broadcast news of Tropical Storm Henry coming from over Watch Hill in Westerly

Henry, Rhode IslandPAP / EPA / CJ GUNTHER

The sailboats were washed ashore by Tropical Storm Henry in Jamestown

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