UFC 267. Jan Błachowicz or Glover Teixier?  Learn about the types of MMA stars

Jan Bachovich will face Glover Teixeira on October 30 at UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi. Pole will defend the light heavyweight championship title for the second time. What chances of winning do other players give him?

Waldemar Osowski

Jan Bachovich

Getty Images / Chris Unger / Zuffa LLC / Pictured: Jan Błachowicz

– It’s a very fun duel. I think Jan Bachovich will win. It looks really amazing and very versatile for Glover Teixeir, predicted former 93kg belt competitor Volkan Ozdemir in an interview with bjpenn.com.

In turn, Marcin Tybura, who partnered with “Cieszyn Prince” before UFC 267, said: “I think Jan Błachowicz will keep his position and be able to defeat Teixeira standing up,” he says.

The slam dunk is written on the Brazilian, among others by Tim Elliott and Jeff Molina. John is a monster. On paper, I think Jean is the better fighter and will win, but I support Glover, admitted Jared Gordon, who competes in the UFC lightweight team.

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Of the 10 competitors surveyed by bjpenn.com as many as 8 indicated a pole victory. However, Ike Villanueva and Jalen Turner are making a big splash and anticipating a victory for 42-year-old Glover Teixeira.

UFC 267 will be broadcast in Abu Dhabi on October 30 on Polsat Sport. The studio starts at 17.00. In Abu Dhabi, he will also fight Marcin Tibora and Michai Oleksekczuk (Read more >>>).

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