Cesare Colizza surprises the new coach.  Reveals the name of the Polish elected candidate

As of December 31, 2022, the Polish national team remains without a coach, because the Polish Football Association has not extended the contract with Czeslaw Miczniewicz. Cesare Colizza has not yet announced a new coach for the team and, as he has repeatedly admitted, is in no hurry to make a choice. In an interview with TVB Sport He talked about rumors about a famous coach, answered questions related to the sports director and revealed the criteria for choosing a coach.

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Cesare Koliza on choosing the new coach of the Polish national team. “we have a selection”

For weeks, the Polish media have been discussing the new coach of the Polish national team, but the president PZPNCesare Colizza has not yet announced a new candidate for the position. So it is not known if it will be from behind the borderWhether PZPN will bet on the pole again. Kulesza says that the federation has selected a certain group of coaches, but it needs time to finish its activities.

– I don’t want to announce myself. Talks are ongoing. I do not want to give a binding date. We are working hard and the next few weeks will surely bring a resolution to this issue. We have a select group of trainers. He convinces the head of the PZPN, which, among other things, indicates whether the candidate has worked with the national team before and takes into account experience in major tournaments.

The media indicated that Roberto Martinez was the main candidate from abroad. But the former coach of Belgium worked with the Portuguese national team And he certainly won’t work with Poland. It turns out that the votes about alleged conversations between PZPN and Martinez were true. – Yes, it was not popular. There were conversations between us – Kulesza confirmed.

In turn, among the candidates from Poland, for example, Jan Orban and Michał Probers. Kulesza knows the latter well because they worked together at Jagiellonia Białystok. The president does not hide that he takes the national under-21 coach into account. – I think that Misha and I know each other very well and I know that he is good Passenger coach. Mishaw Proppers is definitely in my head. I do not declare myself nor say what the situation is. The boss said time will tell.

In addition, the activist emphasized that in the context of the Polish national team, the appointment of a new sports director was not considered and he still holds the position. Martin Dorn. Much has been written in the media about possible employment Mikhail ŻewłakowBut Kulesza firmly admitted: – There were no such conversations.

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