"swept".  Widzew showed his dressing room after the Lodz derby.  Bonnik: Bravo Football

May 3 was a great festival for fans he sees Not only on the occasion of Constitution Day. Their team achieved a decisive victory in their battle to be promoted to Premier League On top of that with a local competitor. Widzew beat a new one the stadium Kansas Pounds-u 1: 0 after a goal by Bartomiej Pawlowski. The encounter in the first half was disappointing, but it took off in the second. Just a minute before Pawłowski’s goal, Samuel Corral was in 100% position, but lost the duel with goalkeeper Widzew. It took his cruel revenge LKS-in another meaning.

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Fans want a monument to Banasik. “Better not to stop in Radom”

Widzew is happy, and football fans are causing trouble. Evolution in the Lodz derby [WIDEO]

Widzew “swept” at the end of the derby. Boniek commented

Widzew can party both in the coat room and in the stands. in sectors fans The situation was not entirely calm. In the second half, ŁKS fans fired fireworks at Widzew fans. In response, they began tugging at the fence. The players and crew of the visiting team acted more culturally. distance match They showed their toilet on Twitter. They didn’t leave trash there and cleaned the room before leaving. “In the end, it swept away” – the viewers wrote in the description. As he replied to the photo Zbigniew BoniekShe is one of the legends of the Lodz Club. “Bravo” – the former president wrote PZPN.

Widzew, thanks to the victory over ŁKS, is back in second place in the table First League fortuneWhich is rewarded with a direct promotion to the league. Immediately behind Widzew is Arka Gdynia, which is one point below the spectators. Corona Kelsey, who is four points behind Widzew, still has a chance of a direct promotion. Chrobry Głogów and Sandecja Nowy Sącz occupy the play-off venues. ŁKS is eighth, three points behind the playoff position. Three queues remained until the end of the season.

Kelsey, 09/03/2021.  Fortuna 1 League: Korona Kielce - Miedz Legnica 0: 0Officially: Copper returns to the top of the league. Astronomy stop in Rzeszów

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