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Production plans for the third “Tyler Rake” sequel were announced just one day after the premiere of the sequel. Since then, we have not known what is happening with the project, especially since work was halted due to the writers and actors strike (which officially ended today, you can read about it here). Netflix film director Scott Stuber reassured fans awaiting the next fate of Chris Hemsworth’s hero, revealing that the creators have not lost their enthusiasm.

“Tyler Rake 3” – The film is in production

Scott Stuber began his statement this way:

I think the second part was very good because it was complex and emotional. It reminds me a little bit of when I worked on the Bourne movies. Tony Gilroy (Director and screenwriter – Editor’s note) He did a fantastic job with the sequel, evoking emotions, especially regarding Franca’s death (Strength – Note Ed.). In this part, the hero had a similar motive related to family. Introduction by Idris (Elby – Editor’s note) This series was an interesting way to develop this topic.

He added:

So we are waiting for the script and working hard. Coming back to this story will be great. Seriously – what these two guys did here was truly amazing.

“Tyler Rake: Redemption”. What is the theme of the movie?

The titular Tyler Rake, played by Chris Hemsworth, is a brave mercenary with nothing left to lose. However, when he accepts the order to rescue the son of an international drug lord from kidnappers, he does not realize how much risk he is taking. Completing this deadly mission in the dark underworld of arms and drug dealers is near impossible and changes the lives of Rake and the kidnapped boy forever.

In the second part, Rake once again undertakes a dangerous mission. He must save the imprisoned family of a ruthless gangster.

“Tyler Rake: Redemption”. Watch the trailer

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