Elbieta Starosticka charmed the Poles.  She won the role in the cult film “Leprechaun”… by chance

Ellipita starostica He was born on October 6, 1943 in Ruji. However, she spent her entire childhood and adolescence in Gliwice, where she also went to high school. Her acting talent was discovered in high school, although she never considered a professional acting career. Only from time to time I participated in recitation competitions. During one of them, Silesian theater actor Lech Zarzycki saw her and flatly told her that she should apply to theater school.

“As a child, I did not even dare to dream of pursuing a profession intended, according to prevailing notions, for successful and self-confident people, but when I was a teenager I began to participate in recitation competitions and during one of them I met a man who approached me and asked me if I wanted to apply to a school Acting in the future. – She said in an interview with Onet.

She decided to attend the film school in Łódź, which she entered on the first attempt and graduated with honors in 1965.

She made her screen debut in 1964 in the film The Lady at the Window (however, she did not appear in the opening credits). She played the real role in the same year in the film “The End of Our World.” More proposals poured in, She appeared in the film “The Doll” directed by Wojciech Jerzy Has, and in the films “Hell and Heaven”, “The Women’s Republic”, “How I Unleashed the Second World War” and the series “Black Clouds”.

Viewers loved Elżbieta Starostecka for her roles as Teresa from “Nights and Days” and Anna from “Black Clouds,” but her role in “Black Clouds” gave her star status and admiration. “leper” (1976) Jerzy Hoffmann.

The role of Stefania Rudica moved the audience so much that the film was hailed as the greatest Polish melodrama. As it turns out, the actress was reluctant to accept this proposal. “I was worried because it wasn’t literary,” she recalled.

She wanted to exit the film in a smart way.

“I received an offer to come for test pictures, but to avoid that I decided to have a sinus surgery, so the pictures were taken without me, but when I came home from the hospital, I received a message to come immediately for an additional photo session. I said that I was swollen and this did not make any sense, but The production manager said it didn’t matter and sent a car to pick me up. They filmed me with this contorted face. They told me to say “a few sentences and I became Stefcia Rudecka,” she revealed in an interview with Onet.

After the success of the film adaptation of the novel by Helena Menischikona, the actress unexpectedly disappeared from the screens.

She explained in an interview: “It was not a deliberate decision. The offers of film roles that I received simply did not suit me. I did not want to act at any cost.”

The actress herself received the most professional satisfaction with the main role in the German series “Hotel Bolano and its Guests”. In the first scenes she played an 18-year-old girl, and in the final scenes she played a 60-year-old dying in a concentration camp. In 1993, she played the role of Wanda in the film “The Pekocinski Affair” and disappeared from the screens.

The actress decided to focus on acting in theater and family life. Because family has always been the most important thing to her. She found satisfaction in the role of the wife of the great composer Włodzimierz Korcz and the mother of Kamil and Anna.

He was last seen on screens a decade ago. The actress made an exception and accepted a role in a television production. She appeared in the series “Doctors”, where she played the role of Christina Keeler.

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