Sharon Stone recreated this scene from the movie Naked Instinct.  She wore mesh stockings

Sharon Stone’s leg turned – this scene has been talked about for 30 years. Thanks to Paul Verhoeven’s “Naked Instinct”, the actress gained world fame. In the latest version of “Harper’s Bazaar” the Spanish decided to appear in the famous scene of an exciting movie.

Sharon Stone in a daring session for “Harper’s Bazaar”

Catherine Trammell (Sharon Stone)’s performance in “Naked Instinct” has gone down in cinematographic history. Without watching Paul Verhoeven’s production, we associate the distinctive, slow movement of the legs, as the character played by Stone revealed their intimate places to the character played by Douglas.

Sharon Stone in “Naked Instinct” / East News

Photo: Al Sharq News

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The actress decided to jokingly reference the scene on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. One of the images is a clear reference to “naked instinct”. She has a black dress, hat and net socks. She sits on a chair in a funny pose, spreading her legs with a smile on her face. It’s radioactive!

Sharon Stone in a market & quot;  Harper "  spanish & quot;  / Harper's Bazaar Spain

Sharon Stone in “Harper’s Bazaar” Spain / Harper’s Bazaar Spain

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

Controversy over the scene in “Naked Instinct”

The actress wasn’t told beforehand what the scene would look like – they just asked her to take off her white pants because when they filmed, the camera was reflecting off the reflective light. She claimed that at first she did not know that we would see everything that was hidden under the dress on the screen. The film’s director later denied it.

When Sharon Stone first saw the recording, she was shocked. I was forced to watch the scene in a room full of agents and lawyers, many of whom were not involved in the project. It turns out that you can see everything. “It was me and my body parts. I had to make a decision. I went to the show booth, and I hit Paul [Verhoevena] At me, I left, went to my car and called my attorney, Marty Singer. “But she decided to leave the scene as it was recorded.

Sharon later insisted that the role – while giving her international fame – was anathema to her career. “Do you have any idea how many people have watched the Naked Instinct in the last 20 years? Think about it. Folks, it’s more than just a peek at your skirt!” – She said in an interview with “Vanity Fair”. He remembers that the guys were obsessed with the movie. “But now, just now, I go to events, and there’s some respect about that movie. Oh, that movie is great. But when I went to the Golden Globes as a 1993 nominee and was called up as a finalist, everyone laughed OK, not everything, but there are enough.” From the people in the room to tell me where I am.”

The actress does not regret her acting decisions. “Being an actress was everything to me. Really, everything. I would eat and sleep and breathe and run and play and just work while acting. I loved everything about him.”

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