January 29, 2023


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De Niro, Levinson and the author of "Chłopcy z gajny" prepares for gangster cinema

De Niro, Levinson and the author of “Chłopcy z gajny” prepares for gangster cinema

Hollywood’s heavyweights are uniting again. Robert De Niro (“Joker” and “The Irishman”) and director Barry Levinson (“Rain Man” and “Facts and Acts”) will jointly produce the gangster drama “Wise Guys.”

“Wise Guys” – What do we know about Levinson’s movie with De Niro?

“Wise Guys” will be the story of Vito Genovese and Frank Costello, two Italian-American mafiosi who rocked the New York criminal world in the mid-1920s after the so-called Castellammarese War. More interestingly, De Niro will play the two men.

The screenplay was written by Nicholas Bilge, author of “Wiseguy” from 1985, which served as the literary basis for “Boys from the gang”. Bilge also wrote the script for the aforementioned movie as well as “The Casino”. The panel’s producer will be Hollywood veteran Irwin Winkler (“Rocky” and… “Gangbang Boys”).

“Wise Guys” will be the first film to be produced entirely under the new management of Warner Bros. Discovery.

Barry Levinson and Robert De Niro – Recent Projects

Robert De Niro has his hands full at the moment. We will soon see him, among others, in Martin Scorsese’s latest films “Killers of the Flower Moon”, in the comedy “About My Father”, in David O. Russell’s next project “Amsterdam” and in the thriller “Wash Me In The River”. . The last one tells of a man addicted to opioids who wants to take revenge on the drug dealers who killed his fiancée.

The last film directed by Levinson is the drama “Undefeated” with Ben Foster (2021) about the steadfast boxer from Auschwitz. The Oscar winner for Rain Mana is also the creator of other cult productions: “Facts and Nudes”, “Uspieni”, “In the network” and “Bugsy”.

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Wise Guys will be their fourth joint venture – after Facts & Needs and What’s Going On? And “The Sleepers” and the TV series “Arch Summer”.

“Undefeated” – see the trailer