TV’s biggest accidents in live shows.  Some amuse, others cool the blood in your veins

While some celebrity mishaps may make you cry, others can be terrifying. Here are the 5 most famous TV accidents.

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Polina Sykot-Jeżyna talks about funny situations and accidents. “It was hard to bear.”

The children stormed the study during the live broadcast. The professor tried to keep his face straight

Almost everyone has seen this video. Professor Robert Kelly, who lives in North Korea, contacted the BBC program studios for an interview. During a direct conversation, his daughter entered his office for the first time, very interested in what her father was doing, and then her younger brother entered the room on a walker. And as if this were not enough, the professor’s wife after a moment entered the study, trying to get the little ones out of the room. Kelly was impulsively serious the whole time, despite the fact that the situation was really funny. The recording of this misstep has already racked up over 50 million views on YouTube.

Embarrassing Question. The journalist did not prepare for the interview

Kathie Lee Gifford did not prepare for this interview. In 2012, actor Martin Short sat on the couch of the “Today” breakfast show to promote the movie “Madagascar 3″, the journalist began to ask him about his well-being and his relationship with his wife. Apparently, Gifford did not do the proper research, because at that moment neither did Short’s wife yes two years ago. Despite this, the actor answered the questions evasively and the journalist didn’t get out wrong.

Program highlight. bloodshed

on our original breakfast program “question about breakfast” There was also a serious accident. In 2016, the show’s guest star was the prankster Mr. Zubek. Magdalena Rogalska took part in the show, but, unfortunately, not everything went as the hosts expected. When the journalist pierced her hand with a fingernail and started screaming in pain, the program immediately stopped.

“The bars were bad and the chassis was bad.” Who remembers this incident?

Thanks to this recording, TVP viewers remembered Ewa Michalska. In 2007, a freight train derailed in Nowogard. A journalist was sent to the scene, who tried to talk about the causes of the accident on air. Unfortunately, she didn’t know what really happened. “The bars were bad and the chassis…the chassis was bad too,” Michalska said on the live programme.

She had to return the crown. The host got her name wrong

In 2015, Steve Harvey hosted the Miss Universe contest. While announcing the winner, Colombian Ariadne Gutierrez Arevalo mixed up with the Filipino Pia Alonzo Forzbach. Once Arevalo got the crown from her predecessor, Harvey realized the mistake and immediately tried to save the day. Women She had to To return the crown to Wrzbach, her face showed great disappointment.

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