The first deposit is at 10 percent interest.  every year.  What awaits savers in 2023? [31.12.2022]

According to analysts, from the point of view of savers, changes in the deposit market are no longer obviously positive. Many institutions try to entice us by promising an interest rate of more than 8 percent, and a bank offers a deposit with an interest rate of 10 percent. every year. However, on the other hand, there are also those who have deteriorated the supply of deposits in the past month. What will 2023 bring for savers? Much will depend on the decisions taken by the Monetary Policy Board.

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– In recent days contrary to our expectations, a bank offered a deposit with an interest rate of 10 percent. every year. This offer is clearly different from the market standard. As part of the best promotional products, institutions lure deposits with rates of no more than 8-8.5 percent. annually – cite Oskar Sekowski and Bartosz Turek of HRE Investments in their analysis.

Experts often emphasize this Offers with the best interest rates are subject to additional requirements (new customer, new money) or one of the two Sold with additional products (account, card, mobile app). The latter may incur a monthly fee. “Lucky for those.” Mostly avoidable Using a card or account, for example.

HRE Investments

As Sokovsky and Turek point out, The latest Credit Agricole deposit of 10 percent. per year addressed to new customers. It can only be used using the mobile application, and within 14 days of opening a new account.

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