The Oscars 2022. The biggest scandals, controversies and sensations in the history of the Oscars

  • There is no party without accidents. Tensions and enormous emotions make such a prestigious event impossible without minor or major scandals. It was also in 2017, when the announcer misread the results of the Oscars
  • In 1969, the Academy’s extraordinary ruling caused a sensation
  • There have been many scandals around the Oscars. To this day, many actors publicly boycotted the ceremony, and there are also Hollywood stars who were shocked by their behavior during the ceremony.
  • You can find more such stories on the homepage of

There are events awaited with great anticipation. Movie fans from all over the world await the Academy Awards, the most prestigious awards given by the American Film Academy, all year round..

This year’s Academy Awards will begin on Sunday, March 27 in Los Angeles (in Poland: Sunday night). As with every year, there is no shortage of speculation about possible winners and ‘big losers’.. There is also a lot of writing about what the event will look like in the new Covid reality.

Devoted viewers of the Oscars are also waiting for sensations, controversies and scandalsWhich was not lacking in previous years… In anticipation of the Oscars 2022, we recall the highest scandals that occurred during the prestigious award ceremony.

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Which of the mysterious Oscar-winning mistakes went down in history? What did Jennifer Lawrence do that made the whole world talk about her after the party? Why couldn’t Roman Polanski officially receive the Oscar? We invite you to watch this Oscar-winning thriller with a touch of drama in the background!

Oscars 2022. The biggest accidents, scandals and controversies in the history of the awards

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