Shock what her husband revealed now!

The movie “Girls from Dubai” was scheduled to premiere within the next few months. The production was the result of a collaboration between the Stępni family and director Maria Sadowska.

However, the film did not have time to be shown in theaters, and the media had already heard the news of the separation of Duda and Emil.

At first, they jointly declared that their private lives would not affect the promotion of the film. Well, it turned out differently…

It began with a sudden recording of Duda, where she sang along with Maria Sadowska. The ladies headed to the film studio to make the final touches to the montage of Girls From Dubai. Suddenly the door closed in their faces.

“We had a final editing appointment for our film, which lasts 2 hours 20 minutes and is very long, for several months we have been trying to arrange this shortcut, which is impossible for us, and today the door is closed in our face again, before the film I produce, I spent two years with him And Maria directed it. Emile wrote the official emails that we don’t have the right to touch this movie we’ve been making for two years and no one understands why he’s behaving this way, not even the distributor. We feel used, kicked ass and Emil is the only king and ruler of this movie”- Rabczewska is angry.

The star added that because of the situation, she and Maria Sadowska do not want to take responsibility for the end result of this business.

“I, as a creative producer in the current situation, must now say out loud that I do not take responsibility for this film material and Maria, as a director also, because we were prevented from finishing work on it,” – she said in the recording.

Duda’s husband has already made several statements on this matter. He even threatened his wife in one of them napalmim. However, when he calmed down a little, he sent another statement to our editorial office, in which he described the situation from his point of view.

The businessman claims Duda is not being honest and uses the film as a weapon against him “in his purely personal capacity”.

Stobio argues that the film was actually completed in June 2021, and that screenings before the premiere were proof of this.

“The version shown at that time was accepted by both of us, and above all, it was the final (final) version. (…) It was a long and grueling work on the film a long time ago, everyone – including Mrs. Dorota and the other crew members – I felt good about them and I would like to remind you that we were ready for the premiere earlier, and that the Corona virus thwarted our plans ”- adds Emil.

He confirmed that Duda and Sadowska were treated “professional” and that they expressed satisfaction with the work finished in the film. In addition, Duda’s mother reviewed the production and considered it a “masterpiece”!

Stępień also hopes that thanks to Doda’s “regeneration” of memory, they will “be able” to “end” all this artificial hype about “finishing” the movie.

The statement is provided in full below:

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