TVP argues that Joanna Moro is not cheating by showing the "real" version of the performance.  Netizens mock: "The reason is SOPOT"!

The echoes of Sunday’s performance are still going on Joanna Moro And everything indicates that the strange performance will not be forgotten anytime soon. Celebrities thought again that it was because he played the role Annie German She can sing and perform in the scene Summer tour for two in SopotWhich, unfortunately, did not end well …

Moro She sang along with the reboot, but when her replay was aired, we found out what was hidden under it… The original sound from her microphone.

After the network was filled with sarcastic commentsTVP tried to explain the falsity of the actress with the fact … It did not belong to her. According to a mysterious employee of Polish television, who contacted Pudelek, the unpleasant sounds we heard during the replay were made not by Joanna, but by One of the dancers.

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The station does its best to restore the good name of Moro, not only constantly removing unfavorable comments, but also sharing them on his Facebook profile The only “correct” version of its performance.


It really was. Joanna Moreau opened the closing ceremony of #WakacyjnaTrasyDójki in Sopot in a big way with the song “La Plage De Saint Tropez” – We read under a non-fake video.

Netizens do not hide their embarrassment from the already welcomed situation Sopot Reset.

TVP has replayed its performance in Sopot and removed the comments on Facebook – One user writes.

Olala, I can already see the PiS militias unite to bury her;


Maybe it’s time to show them what the Streisand effect is called;

Why are you removing comments? So is there censorship after all?;

They forgot to turn on the live play and you can hear it fake, but on the Internet everything is as it should be – The other comments are gradually disappearing.

Do you think Moreau herself will finally speak up?

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