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What will we be watching on Netflix this week? The platform has prepared some interesting suggestions for us. We will be watching the first season of “Puzzle” and the documentary series “Nightmare Tenant.” In addition, the site will finally release “Leaving Weekend” with Leighton Meester, known from “Gossip Girl”. On the catwalk, we will also see new products such as: “L’agence. Luxurious real estate “,” At midnight in the Palace of Beira “or” Desperation “. What other products will we be able to watch? Check the list.

“Nightmare Tenant” – March 1
Scammers are ruthless. ruthless killers. These realistic scary stories tell of the worst roommates imaginable.

“Puzzle” – March 4

After a brutal attack in a small town reveals a hidden threat and dark secrets, a young woman collects items from her mother’s mysterious past.

“Weekend Departure” – March 3
Beth’s best friend goes missing on a trip to Croatia. Beth tries to find out what happened to her, but every thread turns out to be a lie.

“Anti-Ice” – March 2
Danish captain Ignar Mikkelsen sets out on an Arctic expedition in 1909 to prove that Greenland is one island over which the United States has no rights.

“Guardians of Justice” – March 2

When their seemingly valiant leader destroys himself, a troubled team of superheroes must confront the evil that is consuming the world – and themselves.

Lies and Deception – March 4

A literature teacher wants to bring to justice the surgeon who raped her on a date.

Lagens. Luxury Real Estate “- March 3

The heroes of the program are members of the Kretz family who help clients buy and sell luxury real estate in France and other countries.

“Teddy Bear Fro” – March 2
When marijuana is stolen from the police station in Tczew, agents Dzik and Żubr decide to find the culprits.

“Midnight at Pera Palace” – March 3

In a historic hotel in Istanbul, a journalist transported into the past must prevent a plot that could change the history of modern Turkey.

“Desperation” – March 4
A broken heart without work and thirty on the back of my neck. Laila wants to start her life over, while her family is trying to fix it with someone.

“Pirates. The last royal treasure” – March 2
A brave crew of Joseon pirates face stormy waters, puzzling clues and combative rivals in their search for the royal gold lost at sea.

How do you live in heaven? A family story” – March 3
During the dry season, conditions in the Kalahari Desert become more challenging. Animals of all kinds must stick to their herds to survive.

“Wild Rhythm” – March 2
Two opposing worlds of Colombian dancers collide with each other on and off the dance floor as ambition and the pursuit of success lead them down the wrong path.

Whindersson Nunes: It’s Me – March 3
Comedian Whindersson Nunes showcases his bizarre incarnations and views of different cultures in the historic Amazonas Theater.
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