Smarzowski shocks again – what’s it like to work on ‘Good House’?

Wojciech Smerzowski, Director and author of the screenplay “Good House“, focuses on broadly understood domestic violence — mental, physical, sexual, and economic. Although the director did not reveal plot details ahead of the premiere, the cast did… Thomas Schuchardt and Agata Turcotte, Role-playing the key to revealing the secret. Their characters, bound by love, soon find themselves trapped in oppressive and dangerous violence. Schuchardt admits that actors in Smerzowski’s films experience very difficult emotions, and therefore every moment of rest on set is used to relieve tension.

Andrei KonopkaWho plays the mayor, describes violence as a “cancer” and emphasizes Smerzowski’s ability to raise difficult topics that spark social debates. He describes the scenario as emotionally moving.

While recording a scene of a meeting of the local elite in a modern house with large windows, the film crew, headed by cinematographer Pawel Tibura, had to overcome the challenges of the small space and required lighting. Tybora, who has been working with Smarzowski for years, is this time in charge of the film’s visual layer. Despite his lack of experience, he learns from lighting masters, which helps him create complex scenes.

Making a film in such conditions is a big challenge, but thanks to the cooperation with experienced professionals, Tybora is sure that he will be able to overcome all the difficulties.

The space in which the characters of the film “Good House” move was created by experienced set designer Joanna Macha, known for her collaboration with Smarzowski on “Drogówka”. – “Dom Dobry” is a more intimate project. Its difficulty lies in the subject matter itself and in making everything in the background of the story work to its advantage. The precision with which we have to think about designing the site is much more precise, says Masha, stressing that the preparations took more than a year, and each site was discussed and planned in detail. -As the story progresses, the main characters become more isolated, stuck in themselves. He adds that the drama takes place between four walls.

Wojciech Smarzowski explains: – I am a director who asks himself whether it is worth taking the camera out of the car. I hope this movie sparks a discussion, because even though it all sounds good on paper, it doesn’t work in real life. However, he emphasizes that after “Wołyń” and “The Clergy” he lost some confidence in the ability of cinema to change reality.

However, this belief is shared by the entire Dom Dupre team. – This is an important and powerful topic – emphasizes Joanna Macha. “I hope this film starts a discussion about violence and how to respond to it,” Andrei Konopka adds. Agata Turcotte says: – I hope that through our film we can make many people think about the problem of violence and draw conclusions.

“Good House” will premiere in the fall of 2025, when Warner Bros Entertainment Polska will release it in cinemas.

The text was originally published on April 30, 2024. Due to the great popularity of the material, we have updated its content.

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