Lech Kaczyński LNG terminal in Świnoujście.  Watch 3 weeks of work in a 1.5 minute video

8.5 thousand cubic meters of concrete was used to build the walls of the new reservoir for the LNG plant. Lech Kaczyński in Świnoujście. The business lasted for 3 weeks, even on weekends and 24 hours a day. The path and effect can be seen in a 1.5 minute video.

As informed by the contractor’s representatives, In order to ensure the continuity of the pouring of concrete, the process was carried out without interruption, and every day the tank wall “grown” by about 2.5 meters. In the end it reached more than 40 meters in height, about 16 stories of apartment buildings.

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The work was carried out in turns by two teams of approximately 100 employees with supervision. As we have read, the new tank will be larger than the existing one. Its capacity is 180 thousand. cubic meters of liquefied natural gas. In total, all three facilities will accommodate almost half a million cubic meters. liquefied natural gas. The reservoir project is one of the three components of the expansion program under which A new ship berth with flyover was built and additional SCV regasification devices were installed.

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