TV: Galas are dinosaurs

I’m not the one who’s going to cry over the disappearance of Gala Quebec cinema.

It’s no big loss that Radio-Canada decided to “pull the plug” on this boring gala. The last two versions were dull and featureless, with starved text and anemic animation.

Once gone, why not consign all episodes to the TV graveyard?

A mutual adoration association

Galas that are supposed to be ‘special celebrations’ are actually gatherings of ‘average’ lovers who wish each other well, forgetting that there is an audience.

Rent a room at the convention center and tell each other how great and wonderful you are if you care that much!

Between the jokes that only the insiders could understand, the straightforward settling of accounts (hello Guillaume!), the endless thanksgivings and sermons, we should note that the galas are not renewed.

They stuck to the same formula: a little variety number, a comedy that falls flat, a list of nominees, a flat speech by the winner, a commercial break, a little variety number, a comedy that falls flat, a list of nominees, a flat speech by the winner, etc.

The Quebec Media Production Association (AQPM) responded to Radio-Canada’s decision yesterday: “It is inconceivable that a public broadcaster should walk away so significantly at a time when it is essential to revive French-language Quebec cinema. The public’s drive to go to theaters and see on all screens works that proclaim our identity and creativity”.

But why should it take a gala form?

What if public television doesn’t even have a culture magazine and starts giving more space to culture on air?

Why not interview filmmakers and actors to talk about something other than the color of their grass or their breakups?

Cry Wolf

Yes, we need to give Quebec cinema more visibility, but there is an elephant in the room that no one is talking about. The critics here are satisfied with the films produced here.

So many times I’ve gone to see local films and fallen off my chair days later reading or hearing reviews from my colleagues.

Journalists are reluctant to speak their mind when criticizing a film made here or trying to defend their friends in the industry.

Expressing my thoughts in films like “The wonderful world of Quebec cinema” I made many enemies Hoselaga, Land of Souls, Arlette, La Bolduc Or even by releasing flats in Argon that are less good than others.

The best way to “encourage the public to go to the theaters” is to make good films.

Later, we will discuss the cup size.

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