Anything can happen on television

Radio show Anything can happentelecast live on ICI Premiere from 4pm to 7pm, Marie-Louise Arsenault This caustic event dedicated to information in all forms will be broadcast on Saturday evening at ICI RDI.

“It’s been in the works for months,” said Marie-Louise Arsenault Pres. The idea came from reporters with a talk show program in mind. In January, they came back strong. It is truly an act of love. They love the packages we create. Vibration Very well. I see it carrying energy. »

« Anything can happen It is an important magazine dealing with social, political and cultural issues, which is brilliantly run by a passionate editor, said Director General of Information Luce Julien. This program represents a valuable asset to ICI RDI’s weekend programming. »

For her part, Carolyn Jamet, General Director of Audio and Radio, is delighted that the ICI premiere show, which has won so many fans so quickly, is being presented in a different setting. ” Anything can happen From its first season, it became a major show. We are very proud to welcome the opportunity to increase its influence at ICI RDI. »

Produced for radio by Marie-France Lemain, Anything can happen At times, it covers the essentials of cultural, social, political and sports news in an electric atmosphere. Thanks to its host, listeners are treated to awe-inspiring moments, intimate exchanges and plenty of laughs. The house orchestra, led by bassist Paul Charles, is sure to be, as are many collaborators and columnists.

Anything can happen Offered late on Saturday evenings at ICI RDI from October 12.

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