Pizza chef reveals how to “steal” slices without customers knowing

A chef alienates other pizza makers by revealing how to carry a slice of pizza without customers noticing.

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TikTok user and pizzeria chef Jay Ryan has set TikTok on fire, posting a video that currently has 3.7 million views.

He described his secret method for cutting spikes. We first see him remove his famous pizza from an oven and place it on the counter.

Next, he can be seen slicing a pizza from the middle of the Italian artwork with a pizza cutter, before gluing the remaining pieces together in equal parts, looking like nothing is missing.

Screenshot / TikTok @pizzajayryan

The video ends with Mr Ryan holding the stolen piece to the camera and serving “his dinner”.

Again, Bad Girls Club’s song “How They Know” went viral.

pieces without the customer's knowledge

Screenshot / TikTok @pizzajayryan

The comments under the video were negative, with many customers not keen on the idea that the pizzeria staff might steal their money.

“It’s called driver’s share,” wrote one commenter, to which another responded, “It’s called theft.”

A third wrote: ‘I don’t want mine [pizza] Must be cut now.”

“This is why I can eat two pizzas right now,” joked one ticktoker.

Others have given up on Pizza J Ryan’s pizzas forever.

According to his TikTok page, he works at Brooklyn Joe’s pizzeria in Punta Gorda, Florida.

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