May 30, 2023


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Prince William steps back from the Commonwealth crown

Prince William steps back from the Commonwealth crown

Prince William, after touring the Caribbean, opened the door to a future decline in the role of the British monarchy in the Commonwealth, with some films being criticized for hints of colonialism.

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“I know this tour has brought more attention to questions about the past and the future,” the 39-year-old prince, second in line to the throne, said in a statement Saturday evening. “In Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas”, the sovereign’s grandson declared that in independent countries, but Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state, “the future must be decided by the people.”

During the tour as part of the celebrations of the Queen’s 70 years of rule, the Indigenous couple repeatedly met with calls for slavery and pardon, while Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holmes considered his country “inevitable” for republican rule. , As Barbados did last November.

“We really enjoyed spending time with the people of these three countries and understanding their most important issues,” Prince William continued at the end of the trip with his wife.

“Catherine and I are committed to serving. For us, this is not about telling people what to do, but rather, ‘serving and supporting them in whatever way they think is best, using whatever site we have been blessed with.

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The prince opened the door to change in the direction of the Commonwealth given by the Queen, who became very affiliated with this association of 54 countries, most of which were part of the British Colonial Empire.

“What matters to me is not who the Commonwealth chooses to lead their family into the future,” Prince William said.

Some pictures of the Indigenous journey through the fence in Jamaica to greet the couple, such as the hands of these children or the parade of Kate and William on the Land Rover, and the parade on the Land Rover, criticized its colonial meaning.

The couple also had to cancel a visit to a village in Belize due to hostility from some locals.