Maria Dubska on the Kuba Wojewódzki Show.  Representing alcohol abuse

Maria Dubsk, who played Kalina Gudrusik in Katarzyna Klimkevich Because there’s sex in meShe definitely had to gain weight to play a good role. On the program Kuba Wojewódzki, the actress admitted that two months before the start of filming, she still lacked a few kilograms, so she had to go on a special diet. She mentioned that she was eating fast food. “I went to the pizzeria at 9.50 pm, bought pizza and wine. The coach told me I should drink at least half a bottle before I go to bed, so that you flow to me, I will bloat,” said Dębska.

rural He decided it was a joke. He said, “I’ve always known that a liter of wine is the perfect solution, even if you don’t know what your problem is.” He added, “Beata K also drank a liter of wine and see how our ruling party is from pier to pier!” This remark stunned the audience present in the studio, but Maria Dubska did not join the jokes.

The actress, who previously played one of the main roles in the film “Fun, merry”, about female alcoholism, decided that this is not a topic to laugh at. “This is so sad,” she commented. “No need to laugh here.”

Dębska also mentioned a time she was preparing for the role in “Fun, Play.” At that time, she visited addiction treatment centers. “You know what, I used to meet beautiful girls there. From good homes, in nice cars. 30-year-old girls said ‘I haven’t had a drink in 10 years.’ So you thought to yourself, ‘Oh, how did that happen?'” “- She said.


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