Edita Olzovka is 50 years old

She has a very distinctive voice, a little hoarse. Not everyone knows that we can hear him in the Polish dubbing of such films as: “Tarzan”, “Toy Story 2”, “Runaway Chickens”, “The Horned Ranch”, “In the Channel”, “Percy Jackson and the Olympian Gods: The Thief”. Lightning “,” Cars 2 “,” Mothers in the claws of Mars.

Still in her third year of study, she played the role of Isa in “Ivona, Princess of Burgundy”. However, her official theatrical debut was the role of Jenny in Eric Segal’s “Love Story” directed by Michao Paulicki at the Ochota Theater in Warsaw. Then she joined the Powszechny Theater in Warsaw. Zygmunt Hubner.

She is a very versatile actress who performs well in a diverse repertoire. In Kalisz, during the Festival of Acting Art in 1999, she received the main prize for the role of Helen in “Kalece z Inishmaan”, and was also nominated for the Feliks Theater Prize in Warsaw three times.

while still studying Edita Olzovka She played an episode in Basikovsky’s “Psy”. However, the first significant role was in Jersey Store’s “List of Whores” in 1994.

In 1998, she played Marilyn in the Italian production “Elvis and Marylin”, for which she was selected from more than 400 nominees from all over the world and won the Women’s Role Award at the International Film Festival in Sulmona in 1999 and at the D’Aventures Valenciennes Film Festival. in France.

In 2000, for his role in the debut of Thomas Konecki “half seriously” Received the Additional Legal Jury Prize for Best Comedy Role at the Polish Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. The actress teamed up with the duo Konecki-Saramonowicz to mark the films “the body” (2003) i “legdis” (2008).

It appears on a small screen quite often. The role of Maria Maguska in the Polish TV series “Samo Życie”, in which she played in 2002-2010, brought her popularity. Earlier, she appeared as a guest star in such productions as: “House”, “Czterdzielek Twenty Years Later”, “Success”, “Sława i glwała”, “Kasia i Tomek”, “Rodzinka”, “Niania”, “Falserze Return of the Herd” , and in the main roles – in “Extradition”, “Military Bride”, “I, Malinovsky”, “Skinny People”.

In 2010, we were able to see Olszówka in an adapted film “bachelorette” Alexandre Fredero, directed by Philip Pagon, where she played Mrs. Dobrowska.

“We filmed in the summer, it was too hot. The costumes are too heavy. It is very difficult to update Fredro’s poem. It was an assumption that we would not care about middle school in the poem, so that we have in the mind of the young viewer that some things no longer reach him. It was Hard work, the actress said in an interview with the Polish news agency.

We also see Olszówka in an unusual way in Janusz Morgenstern’s “Lesser Bad” (2009). The actress also appeared on the big screen in romantic comedies: “Never say never” (2009), “Silence is Golden” (2010) and Bodo Kox’s debut “Girl from the Wardrobe” (2012).

In 2011, Olszówka started playing Pola Madejska in the series A recipe for life. “Even though every woman is different, we are connected by what women are mostly characterized by, passion and passion. Paula works in a company as a businesswoman. A heroine.

“Paula is a strong woman, full of humor. She has a rather useful approach to life, with which she wants to get the most pleasure, but she is a very positive character” – added Olszówka.

In 2015, Olszówka became one of the stars of the new TVN series “To the ceiling!”. “This is a very big challenge for me. It is easier for an actor to play a distinct and extreme character. However, here, the protagonist is natural, brave and unfrustrated. Joanna is not interested in the material world, career, and does not expect a certain future from life. She focuses on family Here. The most difficult feelings to play: closeness, warmth and love ”- she said in an interview with PAP.

However, production was stopped after only one season. “I am far from blaming anyone. I think times are changing and only something else is needed. I also think that the actor is in a very difficult situation, because even if he does the best and best that he can, it depends on many aspects “- she said Actress for News Agency News Agency Lifestyle.

W “Plan B” Kinga Dębska Olszówka played a Ph.D. in Polish Studies, and worked at the university. Her master and lover at the same time is Andrzej (Krzysztof Stelmaszyk), who holds the position of professor. He goes on a business trip and dies in a train accident. The woman is drowning in despair.

Olszówka was glad that she had the opportunity to play such a well-designed role. “I am glad that there are more and more places for mature women in this profession. Not only is youth emphasized, but we look at men in a broader sense. And that is what is happening in the West. There are a lot in France and England. Roles for mature actresses. I hope this will be Also soon in Poland ”- she said in an interview with the agency PAP Life.

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