USA: "If Russia attacks Ukraine, Nord Stream 2".  Putin will decide the fate of the gas pipeline

The certification process for Nord Stream 2 has been suspended by the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA). The future of the €10 billion project is in question. Even if the process is unfrozen, the pipeline will still have months of action. Both by Germany and The European Commission, which is set to give the green light to NS2 at the last stage.

Sanctions await Russia’s action

A democracy activist involved in work on possible sanctions against Russia told the Polish News Agency:It’s simple from our point of view. If the aggression resumes, the pipeline will end“.

The PAP source further informed that the Joe Biden administration has a promise from the German government that in the event of Russia attacking Ukraine, Nord Stream 2 will not be launched.”But even if Berlin withdraws, it will be difficult to prevent Congress from acting– Adds the Democratic activist.

Nord Stream 2 depends on the situation in Ukraine

The PAP notes that there are strong signals from Washington regarding Nord Stream 2, but Such a severe position was not taken by the German authorities. At the beginning of the year, Chancellor Olaf Schultz and Defense Minister Christian Lambrecht suggested that the future of the NS2 had nothing to do with the conflict in Ukraine. However, this opinion is beginning to change.


Chancellor Schultz announced, Tuesday, that all options are on the table when it comes to possible sanctions against Russia. Including the blockage of the new gas pipeline. However, there is still no definitive announcement from Berlin on the subject, PAP . points out.

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In response to a question about the differences between the signals received from Germany and the United States, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the Polish News Agency: “We are working closely with Germany and the European Union.” He also stressed that the new German government suspended certification of the gas pipeline and reaffirmed the commitments contained in the joint statement of Washington and Berlin in July.


The document issued in mid-2021 states that Germany in the event of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine “Take action at the national level and push for effective measures at the European level, including sanctions, to limit Russia’s export capacity in the energy sector, including gas“.

Gas from Qatar and the Emirates to Europe?

Representatives of the Biden administration noted the change in Germany’s position and expressed their conviction that Berlin’s statements would be met in the event of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.


Amos Hochstein, the US State Department’s special adviser on energy security, held talks with companies from the gas sector, which were of interest, among other things, to limiting the potential damage from a possible restriction of gas exports from Russia to Europe. It is said that unofficial supplies of raw materials, among others from Middle Eastern countries, including the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.




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