Tulip threatened to close

The owners of the La Tulip concert hall, which has been located for 20 years at the former Variety Theater on Gilles Lattulip Avenue Babino in Montreal, are facing a restraining order that would “lead to the unconditional closure of the premises”. Word.

Josie Lapoint

Josie Lapoint

La Tribu issued a press release late Tuesday, saying it was “at the end of its strength and resources” in a situation that lasted two years.

According to the report, a new neighbor bought the house and “turned Gilles Ladulip’s old warehouse, directly adjacent to the stage of the auditorium, into his living quarters.” The city of Montreal “was incorrectly authorized to convert a commercial space into a residential space”.

As a neighbor complains about the noise coming from the auditorium, La Tripu says he “spent all sorts of fees to defend himself,” following dozens of police visits, some with threats and tickets ($ 1,000 each, including two weekend tickets for the Dumas show). ”.

The owners of La Tulipe claim to have appealed to the city of Montreal, but in vain. During the week of December 21 they will find themselves in class, facing a request for a restraining order, which they write will lead to them “closing the campus unconditionally”.

“La Tulip is a building classified as a heritage monument by the Quebec Ministry of Culture. This place cannot be turned into a pharmacy or a condo.

As a last resort, La Tribu has decided to launch a public appeal asking Mayor Valérie Plante and Borough Mayor Luc Rabouin to “put an end to this Kafkaesque episode”.

“If necessary, you will bear the brunt of this closure due to the fault of the municipal administration and your inaction on file.”

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