The lights did not light up

In the jargon of the trade, it’s called a “sleepless night.” A network puts the series in orbit, which spans multiple seasons. Viewers board the spaceship, connect with the characters and guess the destination of this TV odyssey.

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Then, after a short stay in the media space in Houston, we have a problem, and we cut everything off. This is the best one ever the case Makeup-History A sleepless night on Radio Canada. This hastened the closure of the soap opera Hotel On TVA, it will end next April after 24 episodes on screen.

Also, the finaleHotel His giving up Fans In so many punches, it never settles. It’s really annoying for those who have invested 24 hours of time in a series that leaves them there without any explanation.

“Yes, it’s an open ending for many characters,” confirms producer Sophie Deschênes of Sovimage, which produces. Hotel For VAT.

in the beginning, Hotel Expanded as a continuous work for three years. The progression of the plots, the rise or fall of the protagonists, the changing costs of the setting and the sequence of reversals, are all imagined according to this schedule, just like a soap opera. oh.

But as shootingsHotel Closed last July, there was no way to rework the finale to the satisfaction of the faithful.

It’s a coupe for the Dumont family’s chic establishment in the heart of Old Montreal. So the story ends with a fishtail in the kitchens of chef Odile (Olivia Balacci).

It averages 763,000 slaves, including records. Hotel Its Thursday night 8 o’clock slot is great. And at less than $400,000 an hour, half the price of a heavy series like this. That’s how I love you, Hotel Don’t burn money unnecessarily. Why put the ax to this new construction?

“To be honest, we didn’t see it coming. We were in development for a second seasonHotel. Reviews were good, TVA was satisfied with the editing, texts and actors, and the public was. Yes, soap operas still have an audience. “Broadly speaking, TVA told us that it’s a financial question and a question of choosing a programming schedule,” explains producer Sophie Descens. For its part, TVA did not respond to our interview requests about the killingHotel.

Hotel ” is one of the few Quebec programs written. pond writers”, which we often see in America. Script-editor Yves Lapierre and screenwriters (Nathalie Bourdelais, Annie Langlois, Marie-Frédérique Laberge-Milot and Rachel Cardillo) put together ideas to create his antagonist, Joseph Swarn Swarn Swarn Swarn (Extamma), a mischievous rich kid. Pathfinders (Marie-Evelyn Lessard).

The six episodes made for the second season will be scrapped. Unfortunately, this is not the first misfortune Hotel. The start of production was pushed back twice due to lack of technicians. Two days after the first crank, the production still hasn’t found a set prop man.

TVA and Quebecor soap operas are doing poorly these days. Club Illigoville, Cont We areThe winner of the prestigious Gemini Award in September was also dropped from the airwaves. The separated oneOne of TVA’s biggest hits would disappear around the same timeHotelIn the spring of 2023.

Bad weather for soap operas, eh?

Symbol Unmasked !

Who are you, you, masked star? who are you ? Sunday evening was the sign Star Invited to International Mask singers will be revealed. Want to know who it is? If so, read on. Otherwise, go to sudokus, thank you.

So, according to a well-connected source, it’s none other than Nick Carter, the youngest of the Backstreet Boys, who will be donning the cat-sphinx costume on Sunday. All the clues distilled in the capsules actually point to the 42-year-old artist.

At first, Nick Carter spent his youth in Florida, he never traveled alone (so as a group), he broke up with the Backstreet Boys in Quebec in 1996, he released an album. I’m leaving (hence the private jet), he once had a cat-sphinx and a phone that says “low battery” refers directly to the song. call, It became popular in 2000. Also, the Backstreet Boys had a residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas between 2017 and 2019.

Speaking of the Backstreet Boys, they’ll be singing two nights in the set Week of 4 Jules In Novo, on December 7th and 8th. Of course, two weeks before Christmas, Nick, AJ, Howie, Brian and Kevin will be recording their new album. A very backstreet Christmas So everyone “get off, get off, move it around”.

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