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Jesus Bargo; As can be seen in the pictures published by Magaly Tv, La Firme. The Salak businessman appears with a bottle in his hand and gestures that he wants to jump off the balcony, apparently everything is caused by Melissa’s jealousy.

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Images aired exclusively on Magaly TV, you can watch ‘Blanca de Chucuito’ Mom on the balcony of the house The ship on which the celebration took place There was a live band in it. The party was attended by two eldest daughters Melissa.

However, you can see it in the pictures at 2:14 in the morning Melissa demands something from Manucci de Trujillo Blair. As she stumbled, Barco smiled and tried to act affectionate.

TROME | Melissa Klug ‘scene’ on the balcony with Jesus Bargo (Magali TV, La Firm)

At that point you can even see Melissa walks up to the balcony; But it is run by Barco And seriously nothing happened.

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Did Melissa Klug feel jealous?

At the event, pictures of a young woman with a bow were also shared He seems to be talking to Barco alone, which would have provoked Melissa Cluck’s claim.

Magali Madina has commented on this There is hope between Jesus Barco and the mysterious young woman. “Who will this hair be with that confidence. Look at how he puts his hand in there, that body language. It will not go unnoticed by any woman ”, ‘The Macbeth,’ he said.

The journalist thought it was Melissa Klug She was annoyed at this situation.

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