Tribute to Paul Haut at the Planetarium: “It's already been very moving for a month,” says Pierre Haut

Quebecers are expected at the Montreal Planetarium on Friday to pay their last respects to host Paul Haut, who died March 2 at age 69.

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Sports commentator and brother of the deceased, Pierre Houde, spoke to LCN on Thursday evening to share his feelings.

“It's been moving a lot for a month already,” said Mr. Haut tells Sophie Thibault.

“Sophie, we do the same business, we live forever, and I agree that things have to go on. That would obviously be Paul's choice.

Guest admits he hasn't had much time to “put it all into perspective” since his brother's death.

“I suspect it will come up more this weekend and after the hockey season is over,” he adds.

He insisted during his interview that he was still “very touched” and “saddened” by the “outpouring of love” he and his family received following the tragic news.

The host says that the profession he and his brother have been pursuing for the past 50 years has helped them bond throughout their lives.

“We've never done this work to get recognition. We've always done this work because it fascinated us from our childhood and we gave it our all,” says Mr. Haut.

“I will continue to do it in memory and in honor of Paul,” he says. At this time he would be very touched and embarrassed by such recognition.

However, the hole left by the departure of Paul Hout continues to be felt in the host's heart.

“I miss him a lot, not physically because, you know, our schedule was very different,” she said. We had very little time to hang out, and even during the summer, Paul discovered an interest in recreational vehicles, and I had mine: I had airplanes and motorcycles, so we weren't entirely on the same planet for our summer leisure activities. .”

“But we had channels of communication,” he continues. Yesterday, I re-read some of our exchanges and I have to tell you that I burst out laughing. The humor between the two of us was very strong in all the elements of complicity we had.

***Watch the full interview with Pierre Houde in the video above***

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