A Short Overview of The Tomb Raider Franchise

Since its first release in 1996, Tomb Raider has become one of the most popular video game franchises ever. It had a huge cultural impact and was an early example of how video games could tell more mature stories with strong female characters. The Indiana Jones-inspired gameplay is something that fans love, along with the various ways that Lara Croft can be customized. With several successful reboots over the years, there’s virtually no doubt that Tomb Raider will continue to delight gamers for many years to come.

One of The Best Video Game Franchises Ever

The franchise became truly popular after the release of Lara Croft’s re-imagining game in 2013, selling more than 1 million copies in less than 48 hours from its release. All the series have so far sold nearly 100 million copies. The franchise has spawned a total of 16 games over 21 years and has been featured in movies, comics, novels, and other media.

Tomb Raider checks all the boxes for what makes this such an iconic franchise: thrilling action sequences that are both cinematic and empowering; varied gameplay with puzzle-solving, platforming, shooting, exploration; gripping storyline with memorable characters who have arcs that develop throughout the game.

Huge Cultural Impact 

What makes Tomb Raider stand out from other video game franchises is its enormous cultural impact that extends well beyond gaming, with its protagonist Lara Croft being an iconic figure to inspire girls and women worldwide.  She was portrayed as more than a damsel in distress. Lara was an intelligent, athletic, and strong woman who could go toe-to-toe with any man or animal that challenged her. It helped shape society’s view of women that they are not victims of circumstance but rather that they have the power to take control and make things happen. For many women, there was also a level of relatability with Lara, as she dealt with family drama, personal vendetta, and the weight of responsibility that her father’s legacy had on her life. She was no longer just a sex symbol but instead an empowering figure that helped broaden the idea of who could be a hero and what qualities they possess.

It came as no surprise that Tomb Raider caught Hollywood’s attention in the early 2000s.  A feature film starring Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft came out in 2001, setting a new standard for video game adaptations. After two years, a sequel titled “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life” was released, where Jolie returned as Lara Croft to retrieve the halves of an ancient object known as the Triangle of Light, which can control time. Though neither movie received great ratings, Jolie’s portrayal was a memorable triumph, and she became one of Hollywood’s most iconic action heroines.

Apart from the world of film, Tomb Raider was also adapted in the gambling industry, with spin-off games and even slot games played in online slots real money Canada casino. That showed how different industries took note of the franchise’s popularity and were trying to leverage it. Furthermore, Tomb Raider was turned into a comics series published from 1999 to 2005 by Top Cow Productions. The series ran for 51 issues and followed the adventures of Lara Croft and her worldwide travels in search of artifacts.

In brief, Tomb Raider is a titan of the gaming world that will continue to live on for years to come. The Indiana Jones-inspired gameplay and great customization options give this game an edge over others in its genre, which has helped it stand out through many different reboots. With so much good going for it, there’s little doubt that Tomb Raider will be around for some time.

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