Labor shortage: FEQ is looking for workers to dismantle the site

Although the labor shortage did not severely affect the summer festival, some special workers are still needed to clear the site after Sunday’s activities.

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After a two-year hiatus, the staff was thrilled to be back at the event and there weren’t many holes to fill, but some teams would still close at the last minute.

The FEQ is still incomplete as the administration issued a notice yesterday asking for help.

“We are looking for heavy machinery operators to help us finish the event and complete the cleanup,” organizers said.

Candidates must possess their Zoom Boom card to operate forklifts with telescopic masts.

Hoping to find rare pearls, FEQ is experiencing a bit of the stress that most people in the events industry experience.

For example, Gesteve, which specializes in organizing and managing events in Quebec City, often posts job openings before certain functions.

Four or five people

Currently, the posts to be filled in FEQ are found in the Field Operations section.

“Like everybody else, we’ve had an impact, but we’ve done relatively well. Every time we’ve called everybody, a lot of people have responded. We need four or five people to pull it off,” said Samantha McKinley, vice president of communications, marketing and public affairs.

However, finding this type of machine operator is still a bit difficult.

“Maybe a little less. It’s a niche trade and there aren’t many of them. We ran a battery of affiliate networks to find the people we needed. Human Resources has made a huge effort,” the spokesperson said.

An attraction to the festival

FEQ’s appeal, which is still alive and well, helped compensate for the lack of industry.

“People still come on vacation and collaborate with FEQ. It’s an adventure for about ten days. It really works in our favor,” concludes McKinley.

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