Travis Scott spoke after the tragedy at Astroworld

Travis Scott spoke out after the tragedy that occurred at his concert during the Astroworld Festival. Eight people died in panic. – I pray for the one who died last night. We are trying to find their families to help out in these difficult times, the rapper said.

Saturday at the festival Astroworld in Houston, USA, suffered a tragedy. During a party, Travis Scott – the event’s organizer – a crowd of tens of thousands began to march onto the stage. Panic broke out. Scott interrupted the show several times and indicated to security that the party participants were fainting. However, the concert continued. Rescue vehicles entered the crowd several times to reach those in need.

According to the services, at least eight people have died. Dozens or so people were taken to hospitals. The police are investigating whether the organizers have done everything to ensure the safety of the participants. The second day of the Astroworld Festival has been cancelled.

“I was drowning in a pool full of people”

CNN cites two concert participants who reported on their experience. When (Travis Scott – Editor) started playing the first song, I looked at my friend and told him we had to get out of the crowd. But we couldn’t do that. I just remember looking up and fainting. Someone pulled me over the railing and put me on a chair. I fainted again. When I woke up, I was in a completely different place, and I had a bottle of water – said Madeline Eskins.

Sarai Sierra said that at the concert she felt as if she was “drowning in a puddle full of people”.

The second day of Astroworld Festival has been cancelledPAP / EPA / KEN MURRAY

Travis Scott: From the stage, I couldn’t imagine how serious the situation was

On Saturday evening, Travis Scott posted a video on social media in which he referred to the tragic events.

He said he was “praying for those who died last night.” – We are now trying to find their families so that we can help them in these difficult times. We are working with the police and fire brigades to explain how this tragic accident happened. He appealed if you have any information, please inform the local services.

On stage, he added, he “couldn’t imagine how dangerous the situation was.” – My fans mean everything to me. I always try to make my concerts give them something positive.

Travis Scott before the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves game in Houston (photo from November 2)PAP / EPA / TANNEN MAURY

Earlier, the rapper released a brief statement saying that he was “completely disturbed” by the events at Astroworld and was ready to work together to clarify the situation and support the families of the dead.

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Main image source: PAP / EPA / KEN MURRAY

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