Nicolas Cage Picked His Five Favorite Movies With…Nicolas Cage
Everyone has a favorite Nicolas Cage movie – even Nicolas Cage. While visiting Stephen Colbert’s talk show The actor, who has more than 200 films in his filmography, chose his five favorite films with his participation. What are the positions he bet on? Do you agree with his choice?

The 5 Best Nicolas Cage Movies… According to Nicolas Cage

I’ll start with “PigThis is my favorite movie I’ve madesaid Nicolas Cage, who highlights the 2021 drama about the lonely truffle hunter directed by Michael Sarnoski.

I love MandyDirected by Panos Cosmatos
Cage continued. Mandy 2018 is a horror movie in which the hero Cage takes revenge on a Satanic cult.

I like The Dark Side of Town by Martin ScorseseI like The Bad Lieutenant by Werner Herzog And a movie titled Joe, directed by David Gordon GreenThe representative completed the list.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a list of my top 5 favorite Nicolas Cage movies starring Nicolas Cage:
– “The Pig” (2021)
– “Mandy” (2018)
– “The Dark Side of Town” (1999)
– “Bad Lieutenant” (2009)
– “Joe” (2013)

You see, Cage has mostly focused on relatively new elements of his filmography. But the conversation about his roles did not end there.

Cage on “The Faceless” and “Vampire’s Kiss”

Stephen Colbert made a reference to “No Face” (1997), to which Cage responded as follows: Oh, I love this movie so much. I love “faceless”.

I can also mention “Kiss of the Vampire” because it is a small film where I had the opportunity to fulfill my dream of a more abstract vision of acting.The cage has been added. I was playing a character who loses her mind and thinks she’s a vampire from the original Nosferatu. So I played a man on the verge of madness who thinks he’s Nosferatu and I can play like a German Expressionist movie star. It was great. It can make faces etc.

But Faceless was a great studio movie where I could take what I learned from Vampire Kiss and apply it to a blockbuster movie. And it worked. People really liked it. So I was very happy with the end resultThe actor concluded.

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