Ahsoka will introduce new villains to Star Wars.  Who are Bylan Skoll and Shane Hattie?
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Aug 9, 2023, 21:14

The Ahsoka series premiere is fast approaching. With the premiere, new characters will be introduced to the Star Wars universe – Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati. What do we know about them?

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the first show Ahsoki fast approaching. From the first trailers for the series, we learned that the heroine played by Rosario Dawson will have to face new enemies, specially introduced for the new production from the world. star Wars. What do we know about him Bylan Scola And Shane Hattie?

Bilan and Shin are mercenaries

So far we’ve learned that Paylan and Shane are mercenaries working for Morgan Elspethwhich first appeared in Mandalorianini. They are hired to find Admiral Thrawn.

Baylan escaped Order 66 and knows about Anakin Skywalker

The official announcement Ahsoki It indicates that Baylan knew the master of the title character – Anakin Skywalker. It is very likely that the former Padawan has already met a new opponent on her way. After all, they belong to the same order. However, it is known that Bilan is no longer a JediIt is possible that the events surrounding Order 66 caused him to undergo some form of traumatic transformation.

Shin is Bilan’s disciple

In the shots where we see Shane, it can be seen that she is wearing a Padawan braid, which is, in fact, the hallmark of all the followers who learn from their Jedi masters. Given the fact that Baylan and Shin work together for the aforementioned Morgan Elsbeth, it can be assumed that we will deal with the master-apprentice relationship.

Bailan and Shin use an orange lightsaber

Submit both opponents to Ahsoki Unprecedented in Sharia star Wars something. They own oranges Lightsaberwhich are in vain to be found in previous productions. But from the book series Star Wars Legends We know that this color was chosen by people who identify themselves as “gray jedi” and who did not fully support the light or dark side of the Force.

Finally, let’s remember that Ahsoka It will debut on Disney+ on August 23rd. We’ll see Ray Stevenson and Ivana Saccono as the described villains.

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