Transport revolution on the streets of Poznań.  We can help scientists

Help was requested from residents of Poznań and towns near Poznań.

Scientists from Adama Mickiewicza University in Poznań want to know how we experience the transportation revolution. They encourage you to participate in the project they are implementing in collaboration with Heksagon Research, in collaboration with the Institute of Transport Economics in Oslo and the Universities of Oxford and Utrecht. Just take a moment to fill out the questionnaire.

As stated, the study examines changes in daily mobility, the spread of electric vehicles, and clean transportation areas. “The streets of Poznań and the surrounding area are constantly becoming topics of urban discussions. We are discussing whether to narrow or expand them; create new stations for electric scooters or ban their use; and pay more attention to drivers and cyclists or perhaps electric buses.” – Note the researchers from Adam Mickiewicz University. As they add, we lack reliable data that would show how we actually move around Poznań and the surrounding area, what residents think about new trends in urban mobility and who among us loses and who benefits from the current changes.

To help with Transport Revolution research, simply complete the questionnaire available on the website here. This can be done by anyone living in Poznań or one of the municipalities of the Poznań region.

“The survey concerns the availability of different places and modes of transport, including electric; meeting mobility needs and the volume of exclusion from transport; assessing new trends in transport, such as the popularization of cars, bicycles and electric scooters, and the introduction of a clean transport zone; assessing transport in Poznań from an equity perspective.” Social The study uses geo-surveys, that is, online surveys that allow, among other things, to mark places visited in the immediate vicinity on the map, as well as draw the shape of a potential clean transportation area. – explains Malgorzata Rybczynska, spokeswoman for Adam Mikitić University.

The most important results of the study will be published and the conclusions will be sent to the City Council and the Metropolitan League. As indicated, scientists are conducting research in Poznań, Oslo, Utrecht and Bristol. The study is part of the project: “Just Transition to Electric Mobility” – Inclusive Transition to Electric Mobility (ITEM), funded by the National Science Center under the ERA-NET UAC programme, which received funding under Financial Agreement No. 875022 under the ITU Scientific Research Funding Program European Innovation Horizons 2020.

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