Box office in the United States of America: Empty cinema halls watched the movie “Argyle”
It's that time of year when Americans focus on the most important sporting event – the NFL Finals. But in the past, movie theaters were able to compete effectively and motivate viewers to choose entertainment films. Not this year. This weekend's box office total is expected to exceed $40 million alone. That's less than the expected opening of “Dune 2” in just a few weeks.

As a result, only $6.5 million was enough to win. This is the amount he will earn “Argyle. Secret spy.”. This means a significant decrease of 63% compared to the opening. Nothing will save the movie from being Apple's worst theatrical offering. It seems that it will not be possible to reach even $50 million.

Trailer for the movie “Argylle: The Secret Spy”

The only major new thing is the inability to encourage Americans to choose theaters. “Lisa Frankenstein” She has earned only $3.8 million to date. However, it was enough to take second place.

Once again, Disney's attempt to convince viewers to watch Pixar animated films in theaters has failed. “It's not a failure” During the pandemic, it moved directly to the Disney+ platform. Now the studio has brought it to 1,500 theaters. However, the profits were minimal – only 535,000 PLN. dollar.

Warner Bros. also presented A film is coming to theaters that viewers already know. But in this case things went much better. “Dune” She earned approximately $1.7 million in specials, which was enough to place her in the top ten.

US box office February 9-11

# Title He made money over the weekend earned in total A week on screen deep
1 Argyle. Secret spy $6.5 $28.81 2 3605
2 Lisa Frankenstein $3.8 $3.8 1 3144
3 beekeeper $3.47 $54.73 5 3057
4 the chosen. The Chosen One – Season 4 – Episode 1-3 $3.15 $12.59 2 1952
5 Wonka $3.13 $205.25 9 2764
6 Transfer from $3.02 $110.15 8 2684
7 Just not you $2.7 $80.12 8 2805
8 I mean girls $1.93 $69.17 5 2650
9 Sand dunes $1.66 $110.55 121 2100
10 American fantasy $1.33 $17.37 9 1462

* Opening result from the same weekend

Because of Valentine's Day, the two biggest shows next week – “Madame Web” I “Bob Marley: One Love” – It will be shown in cinemas on Wednesday. In turn, starting Thursday, you can watch episodes 4-6 of the fourth season of the series on the big screens “The Chosen One. The Chosen One.”.

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