“Extra-terrestrial” debris on Mars.  Scientists comment on the photo

In April 2022, NASA’s Ingenuity helicopterThe spacecraft, also known as Marscopter, captured extraordinary images during its 26th mission, revealing “another world” debris on Mars.

The object is similar to those known from old films Pictures of flying saucers are stunning and enhance the imagination, but the reality is much less exciting.

The gold body shown in the picture is simply the top cover of the heat shieldwhich protected NASA’s Perseverance rover as it traveled through the atmosphere in February 2021 and eventually landed on Jezero Crater on Mars.

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However, he himself did not hide his joy at this coincidence. Which he expressed in the words: “There’s definitely a sci-fi element to it. It exudes the other world, doesn’t it?”

According to scientists, during a joint mission to Mars The Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity helicopter flew through the Martian atmosphere at 20,000 kilometers per hour.

Extreme conditions, including gravitational forces and high temperatures, It ruptured the vehicle’s back shell, causing it to crash into the planet’s surface at a speed of about 78 miles per hour.

The Perseverance rover is the most famous Earth explorer on Mars. sIt moves across the Red Planet at a rate of 152 meters per hour. According to its designers, the vehicle will slow down over time.

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