Chinese astronauts have returned to Earth after the longest manned space mission in the country's history

Chinese astronauts returned to Earth on Saturday after 183 days in space. Chinese state media reported that they had participated in orbit in the construction of China’s first space station, Tiangong. It was the country’s longest manned space mission.

At the space station under construction, members of Shenzhou Expedition 13, Taiconauts Zhai Zhigang, Ye Guangfu and Wang Yaping, among others, conducted an experiment related to the docking of a cargo spacecraft that would deliver supplies to the station, Chinese media reported. During the mission, Wang became the first Chinese woman in history to walk in outer space.

The crew went into orbit on October 16, 2021. The astronauts spent 183 days in orbit, making it the longest manned space mission in China’s history.

They are building the Blue Palace

It was also the fifth of 11 missions planned as part of the construction of the Tiangong Station. This was followed by the unmanned mission Tianzhou 4 and another manned mission, Shenzhou 14, again with three Taikonauts.

According to the announcements, the Tiangong (Heavenly Palace) will start work before the end of this year. China decided to build its own station, among other things because, due to opposition from the United States, it was cut off from research on the International Space Station (ISS), which has been in operation for more than 20 years.

Main image source: Reuters

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