Valentine's Day changes at a major state-owned company.  We know the names

The Groupa Azote group announced, in an announcement to the stock exchange, that the Minister of State Assets indicated the names of the candidates for membership in the supervisory board of the chemical company.

“The company’s board of directors reports that it received on February 9, 2024 from the Ministry of State Assets – on behalf of the state treasury, the shareholder in the company – information about the submission (…) of candidates for board membership “from the supervisory board,” this is what Grupa said in the stock exchange announcement. Azoty.

Here is who will replace the council

Decisions regarding personnel changes in the composition of the Supervisory Board of Grupa Azoty will be made during the extraordinary general meeting of shareholders scheduled for February 14, 2024. The Supervisory Board will then be able to proceed with the replacement of the Management Board.

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